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  • These include: a Hh-protein-blocking antibody, 5E1 [ 23 ] ; a natural product derivative, cyclopamine [ 9 10 ] that has recently been shown to act downstream of Ptc, perhaps at the level of Smo [ 11 ] ; a recently identified synthetic small-molecule inhibitor, Cur61414, which has inhibitory properties similar to cyclopamine [ 17 ] ; and forskolin, an adenylate cyclase/protein kinase A activator that is thought to block Hh signaling by stimulating degradation of members of the Gli family of transcriptional activators [ 2 ] .

  • In particular PPK and PPNK can utilize Poly(P) to synthesize nucleoside polyphosphates, while PPK along with adenylate kinase can carry out polyphosphate-dependent phosphorylation AMP [ 33 34 35 ] . Hence, it is likely that the CYTH domain proteins participate directly in this biochemical network along with these proteins.

  • These inhibitory actions of 4-AP on adenylate cyclase activity, StAR expression and steroidogenesis may reflect drug-induced changes in the intracellular concentrations of K +and Cl -and the GC resting membrane potential.

  • In vitro experiments with rat GCs have demonstrated that BMP-4 and -7 inhibit and stimulate FSH-induced progesterone and estradiol production, respectively [ 4 ] . In related studies BMP-6 and BMP-15 were found to block FSH action through inhibiting FSH-dependent adenylate cyclase activity and FSH receptor expression, respectively [ 11 12 ] . The importance of these findings is underscored by the fact that FSH action is obligatory for normal folliculogenesis and female fertility.

  • Earlier, Blackburn and co-workers made "supercharged" methane-trisphosphonic acid AppppA analogs containing a central carbon from which three adenylate or phosphate moieties are bonded [ 15 ] . In work presented here, tripodal inhibitors 15a and 17a showed, respectively, micromolar and submicromolar efficacies while the phosphorothioate counterparts 15b and 17b showed 100 nM efficacy.

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