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  • Overexpression of these NCoA factors enhances ligand-induced transactivation of several nuclear receptors [ 99 ] . A weak intrinsic HAT activity has been reported in SRC-1/NCoA-1 and pCIP/ACTR/AIB1, suggesting that chromatin remodeling may also be a function of these NCoA factors [ 99 100 ] ; although they do not appear to contain regions homologous to the HAT domains of CBP/p300 or p/CAF.

  • The nuclear receptor (NR) family comprises 48 structurally related transcription factors, many of which require their cognate ligand for activity [ 1 2 3 ] . The NRs regulate transcription by binding to response elements in the promoters of target genes and acting as scaffolds for the assembly of large coactivator and corepressor complexes [ 4 ] . NR coactivators include the p160s (including GRIP1/TIF-2, SRC-1 and AIB1/ACTR/pCIP).

  • Prominent among these coactivators is the SRC (steroid receptor coactivator) family, which consists of SRC-1, TIF2/GRIP1, and RAC3/ACTR/pCIP/AIB-1.

  • The NcoA family members constitute SRC-1/NcoA-1 [ 89 ] , TIF2/GRIP1/NcoA-2, [ 94 95 ] and pCIP/ACTR/AIB1 [ 96 97 98 ] proteins, which interact with liganded RA receptor (RAR), and CBP/p300.

  • To test the effects of rexinoids on coactivator binding in a defined biochemical system, surface plasmon resonance was used to characterize the effects of the various ligands on binding of CAR, RXR and CAR/RXR heterodimers to SRC-3 (also known as ACTR, p/CIP, RAC3, AIB1, TRAM-1), an effective coactivator for CAR and many other members of the nuclear receptor superfamily.

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