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  • Because of the high catalytic efficiency and broad substrate specificity, β-lactamases have been extensively used in the ADEPT approach to activate prodrugs of vinca alkaloids [ 27 ] , nitrogen mustard [ 28 29 30 31 32 ] , doxorubicin [ 33 34 35 36 ] and others [ 37 ] . To take advantage of the potent antitumor activity of the CC-1065 class of compounds and the ADEPT approach, we have synthesized β-lactam prodrugs.

  • fs-α 1S did not express L-type Ca 2+current even though it was consistently able to activate the Ca 2+transient in 15 of 15 cells.

  • , [ 27 ] reported that endogenously-expressed LPA and endothelin-1 (ET-1) receptors in SK-N-MC cells do not activate ERKs unless the EGFR is co-expressed, although each GPCR is functional as evidenced by their ability to increase intracellular [Ca 2+].

  • Our biochemistry experiments (above) show that the agonist modulates Smo levels, and thus may activate Hh signaling by directly binding Smo.

  • Bitter compounds bind to a family of G protein-coupled receptors called the T2R [ 14, 15] or TRB [ 16] receptors, which activate a heterotrimeric G protein consisting of α-gustducin and a βγ complex containing β3 [ 17] and γ13 [ 8].

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