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How can you use “acids” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • In children, bile acid losses can be so severe that a deficiency of the amino acid taurine can occur due to excessive losses of taurine-conjugated bile acids [ 7 8 ] .

  • The studies described in this report were undertaken to define mechanisms that underlie subcellular localization of sα i2 . The novel 35 amino acids found in sα i2 appear not to function as a specific Golgi or endoplasmic reticulum targeting sequence.

  • 24 cells had no effect on GCDCA-induced cell death, even at low bile acid concentrations, indicating that this class of protein does not provide cytoprotection against toxic bile acids as previously suspected.

  • Examination of the crystal structure of HIV-1 RT reveals the presence of a small groove like region on the floor of the polymerase cleft of p66 [ 11 ] . The β7-β8 loop of p51, comprising of six amino acids denoted as SINNET appears to fit into this groove-like region and likely stabilizes the polymerase domain of p66.

  • Recombinant golgin-160 (amino acids 787-1348, GenBank accession number BAA23661), giantin (amino acids 851-1496, GenBank accession number NP_004478), gm130 (amino acids 370-990, GenBank accession number AAF65550), and golgin-97 (amino acids 1-767, GenBank accession number AAB81549) proteins were purified by affinity nickel column chromatography.

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