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  • Surprisingly, the ester moiety of acetylcholine does not seem to interact with the cys-loop of the receptor, as previously suggested by photoaffinity labeling [ 12 ] , but is engaged in similar type of interaction as that observed with the acidic group of HEPES in the AChBP crystal structure [ 6 ] . It is possible that the reactive di-azo group of the photosensitive agonist used in photoaffinity labeling would extend towards the cys-loop, while the conformation of the bound agonist remains in agreement with our model.

  • Based on the sequence alignment, the query sequences where threaded onto the first two subunits of the AChBP pentamer.

  • and shown for the AChBP is present in the 5-HT 3 R, then Y140, Y142 and Y152 would be present on the same side of the sheet and all three would be capable of extending into the binding site.

  • R91, E106, F107, W183 and several residues adjacent to the M1 region have all been demonstrated to alter the action of 5-HT and/or m CPBG [ 20 21 25 26 ] . Within the crystal structure of the AChBP, homologous residues are located in the apparent binding site [ 24 ] . The effects of agonist on the 5-HT 3 R are mediated by their interaction with these binding site residues, resulting in stable receptor conformations, including the channel open state.

  • The AChBP displays a large amount of homology to the amino terminal of LGIC receptors and thus may be similar in structure [ 20 24 ] . The crystal structure of this protein reveals a loose 3 residue turn incorporating the conserved glycine residue [ 24 ] . Homologous residues in other LGIC subunits have also been identified and are shown in Figure 1. The residues identified in this study as altering binding affinity of 5-HT 3 R ligands would also be present on the same surface if this structure is present in the 5-HT 3 R. While Y140 lies somewhat outside the region identified by Chiara in the nAChR (homologous to γN107), γL109 and γL119 are homologous to Y142 and Y152 of the 5-HT 3AS R. The ability of lerisetron to interact with both Y142 and Y152 also supports the hypothesis that these two amino acids are present in a loop structure since the eight intervening residues would position Y142 and Y152 too far apart to permit them both to interact with a single ligand even if they were interacting with functional groups on opposite ends of the molecule.

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