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  • Interestingly, while two conformations appear with equal probability when the docking is performed without the water molecule positioned in the acetylcholine complex, addition of this water molecule results in an extra hydrogen bond with the pyridine nitrogen of nicotine, and stabilizes the conformation presented (Figure 3- Bottom).

  • However, because of the wide abundance of acetylcholine in the insect CNS, it is likely that ChAT-positive neurons also possess nAChRs.

  • 3) It displays an amide group that occupies a cavity not filled by nicotine or acetylcholine, and makes a network of hydrogen bonds with the indole nitrogen of alpha4-Trp182, the backbone carbonyl of beta2-Ser133 and beta2-Phe144, and with the backbone nitrogen of beta2-Leu146 (Figure 5B).

  • This structure is supported by site-directed mutagenesis data [ 25 ] as well as structural predictions obtained from other LGIC receptors [ 31 ] . The recent determination of the structure of a nicotinic acetylcholine binding protein [ 27 ] that shares significant homology with the LGIC family also supports a loop structure in this part of the protein.

  • Other LIF effects that may influence the stress response through actions in the rodent nervous system are a LIF induced increase in acetylcholine [ 20 ] and LIF induced decreases in neuropeptide Y and tyrosine hydroxylase [ 21 ] . LIFR:gp130 signaling has strong effects in systems peripheral to but influenced by the HPA including reproductive, skeletal, nervous, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, hematopoietic, immune and metabolic systems, with influences on both development and adult homeostasis [for reviews see [ 7 22 23 24 25 26 27 ] ].

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