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  • The recent findings that members of the several different families of coactivators possess intrinsic histone acetyltransferase activity suggests that activated SHRs, and nuclear receptors in general, may also recruit these cofactors to remodel chromatin structure for better accessibility of the transcriptional machinery to DNA [ 5 6 ] .

  • Methodologies for large-scale molecular profiling of disease tissues have been well established [ 1 2 3 ] and have been shown to be of utility both diagnostically [ 4 ] and prognostically [ 5 ] . However, application of such approaches in the assessment of changes induced by cancer therapeutic agents in solid tumors in man has been hindered by limited accessibility or availability of tumor tissue at multiple time points during treatment.

  • While the assays establish that P2, P5 and P6 and the epitopes recognized by the antibodies are expressed in biofilms and that expression of lipooligosaccharide is altered, one must be cautious in drawing firm conclusions regarding the level of expression and the surface accessibility of the epitopes recognized by the antibodies based on results of immunoblot assays alone because they are not quantitative assays.

  • How is accessibility reduced?

  • We present a novel spatial mathematical model of treatment accessibility that we use in conjunction with an equity objective function to determine an optimal equitable allocation strategy (OEAS) for ARVs in a resource-constrained region.

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