Example sentences for: abortion

How can you use “abortion” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Anyone who's ever glanced at an issue of Commentary will recognize Frum's targets: the rights explosion, the loss of faith in institutions, the sexual revolution, the rise of the underclass, license, rudeness, etc., etc. (Interesting sign of the times: legalized abortion gets only a glancing mention, even though Roe v.

  • It seems hardly anyone uses partial-birth abortion, and if it's banned, almost no one will miss it.

  • The Washington Post 's top national story details the five-month manhunt for suspected abortion clinic bomber Eric Rudolph.

  • John McCain says about the abortion issue, "I believe we are an inclusive party and we can be so without changing our principles."

  • Evidence may in fact suggest, although there is some debate, that exposure of female rhesus monkeys to aroclor 1254 (a mixture of PCB congeners) leads to a reduction in the sex ratio of offspring, possibly contributed to by increased spontaneous abortion of male fetuses [ 28 29 30 ] . Preconception parental estrogen levels have also been hypothesized to affect the sex ratio of live births [ 22 ] , and given the estrogenic and anti-estrogenic actions of different PCB congeners [ 57 58 ] , this could be another mechanism by which parental exposure to PCBs alters the sex ratio.

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