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  • During the third trimester, and after 34-36 weeks of pregnancy in particular, the placenta may develop an abnormality, often classified as placental aging [ 19 20 21 22 23 24 ] . These abnormal placentae are characterized by generalized interstitial fibrosis and fibrinoid degeneration of villous stroma, and are associated with cellular apoptosis and congestion of villous sinusoids [ 24 25 26 27 ] . Immunohistochemically, villous abnormality is associated with progressive diminution of Thy-1 differentiation protein in the villous core [ 28 ] . Marked changes in villous structure are particularly associated with advanced maternal age [ 29 30 ] . We have recently reported that, with respect to the Thy-1 expression, compensatory dilatation of villous sinusoids, and placental expression of low molecular weight cyclin E variants, the term placentae can be classified into four placental types (PT1-PT4) [ 30 ] , where PT4 corresponds to the most severe placental abnormality.

  • It has been speculated that an abnormality of translocation of 3-MGC acid across the mitochondrial membrane may be the source of 3-MGC aciduria in these patients [ 23 ] . The link between 3-MGC aciduria and mitochondrial dysfunction may involve failure of mitochondrial uptake of 3-MGC acid or potentially defective ubiquinone biosynthesis leading to increased levels of mevalonate in the mevalonate shunt pathway with subsequent increased synthesis of 3-MGC acid [ 27 ] .

  • Following ERT, this resting rCBF abnormality was reversed [ 5 ] .

  • By giving a patient's condition a medical name, we turn it into a medical abnormality.

  • Here we show for the first time that the ERα protein is expressed in normal and marginally abnormal placentae (normal placental types) but barely detectable in placentae exhibiting moderate and severe abnormality (abnormal placental types).

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