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  • Both enzymes cleave only one DNA strand in a duplex and bacterial Xth cleaves ssDNA containing an abasic site [ 42 ] . The additional contacts huAPE1, compared to DNase 1 (Figure 6), makes 3' to the damage site and to the opposite strand lower its turnover rate and its potential to cleave normal DNA.

  • The abasic sugar-phosphate backbone is then cleaved by an apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease or lyase.

  • The importance of such bonds for activity was shown in other work, where huAPE1's binding to the DNA backbone is only inhibited by ethylation of the phosphates two and three positions 3' to an abasic site [ 18 ] . Mutation of R177A, at the end of Molego 6, that binds to this region and to the bases opposite the AP-site had enhanced activity [ 11 ] , while mutations at W280 (Molego 11) and F266 (Molego 10) [ 33 ] reduce activity and, in the latter case, substrate selectivity.

  • This generates the necessary 3' hydroxyl group for DNA polymerases (pol β, δ or ε, in eukaryotes) to insert the correct nucleotide in later steps in the base excision repair pathway (BER-pathway) [ 7 8 ] . Recent crystal structures of huAPE1 complexed with DNA containing an abasic site [ 9 10 11 ] , combined with sequence analysis and site-directed mutagenesis, have defined the residues that participate in metal ion based cleavage of the phosphate backbone of the DNA [ 12 13 14 15 16 17 ] .

  • P2s have two abasic residues at the 5' end to reduce primer-dimer formation (unpublished data).

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