Example sentences for: a-atp

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  • The cyclic reinvasion model for long term persistence of a selfish genetic element through homing [ 38 ] suggests that the small Thermoplasma intein evolved through reduction from a large endonuclease containing intein similar to the one found in the pyrococcal A-ATPase.

  • One explanation for the discrepancy between phylogenetic classification and distribution of the A-ATPase intein is horizontal gene transfer: the intein was not present in the last common ancestor of Thermoplasma and Pyrococcus, rather the intein invaded one of the lineages after their split and was more recently horizontally transferred to the other lineage.

  • The gene encoding the T. acidophilum A-ATPase A subunit was cloned into the expression vector pET-11a (Stratagene) and transformed into E. coli Bl21(DE3) and E. coli Bl21-CodonPlus(DE3)-RIL strain for protein expression.

  • The Pyrococcus furiosus A-ATPase sequence was retrieved via blastp from the unfinished genome using the web page http://combdna.umbi.umd.edu/bags.html.

  • The T. acidophilum A-ATPase intein appears to splice out efficiently at very different pHs (7.

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